My phone knows everything about me

November 14, 2008

We need phone, we fill phone, with numbers, with people, close people, people we might want sometimes … never, people we have a crush on, people we forget so we remove from contacts. Send message, we check for message, we check for message, we recive message, we smile, we accidentally press send. Funny information, rude information, intimate information, we check outbox OH NO … oh well. We listen to voicemail, we make calls , we decline calls, we regret,we put phone to sleep, we sleep on it. We take pictures: embarrassing, private, not to be deleted, never to be shared or very public. We get seen by many, hardly any, we film, we flirt, we fail, we press play, we listen to music … phone rings, we talk, we scream,we weep, we giggle, we’re lost for words so we never call back, we shoulda call back, why don’t we call back? I should have called back … We call back at 5 AM, we forget, we lose phone, we don’t know what to do, we worry, we think…

If you found my phone, would you go through it?


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