American idiots

November 25, 2008

I am sick of tired of americans everywhere. Specially politically speaking. I mean, you guys avoid doing any actual thinking! You just seat on your high political standpoints and call all those that dont agree with you “Liberal” or “Conservative”. Now, your economy is getting fucked up and all you can do is point fingers to blame your opposing party, or inmigrants, or just everyone that isnt you.

Why are you so lazy? Why dont you get up from your McDonalds fat ass and do something for yourselves? Starting with some thinking.

And for godsakes, dont be so freaking easy to manipulate! The stupid Irak war for example. The whole country got played on like a drum, and you even elected dumbass bush a second time. After proving his olympic grade incompetence for four years.

What good did the war serve? Other than screwing you economy that is.

Go Obama!


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