The ugly truth

October 28, 2009

How does it feel to be unattractive in this world where beauty means absolutely EVERYTHING for a girl? How does it feel to watch the guy you have a big crush on chase religiously after a HOT girl, and completely ignores you no matter how hard you try to get noticed? How does it feel to be never able to have your prince charming, and happily ever after, like you always dreamt? How does it feel to be with a loser boyfriend who you try very hard to like and only because you are way too sad and lonely?

Unattractive girls CANNOT BE HAPPY. It’s true, because beauty means EVERYTHING for a girl. It’s different for guys, a guy can be ugly, but if he’s strong and brave (Shrek), has a big heart (Hunchback of Notre Dame), or makes a lot of money (Trump), he can always get the most amazing beautiful girls and be happy. When is the last time you had an ugly or fat female protagonist in a story? Ever? It’s “BEAUTY and the Beast”, you never get “the Prince and the Manatee”. For girls, if you are ugly, no matter how successful or how much of a good person you are, no one will ever want you. It’s the sad truth


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