Wiimote Threesome

December 7, 2008

So my dad is out of town for the weekend, and I figure I’ll just stay up getting high and fapping. Later in the afternoon, I’m a little blazed and the doorbell rings. I figure the neighbor kid lost another ball over our fence, so I answer it. Turns out it’s a couple girls I go to school with, they’re both stone cold foxes. I tried asking one of them out the previous year, but it kind fell through. They say that they were bored and decided to drive over and say hi since they knew my dad is out of town. I’m still pretty stoned at this point, so I just kinda mumble and invite them in. I ask them what they want to do, then, since I’ve got these two hot chicks alone with me at my house, I try to act funny and say, “You two wanna come downstairs and play with my Wii?” It was funny to me at the time, but for some reason they just looked at each other and giggled. So we went downstairs and I started up Wii Sports, since it’s easy to play.

I sit down on the couch and they both take a seat on either side of me. I hand them each a remote and instead of standing up to play, they snuggle up to me. I start em out on Tennis, and we’re all sitting there laughing at their attempts to play. One thing that really get them is how the Wiimote vibrates when they hit the ball. After a few games one of them says that she can smell pot, and asks if I’ve got anymore. Imagine my luck, two hot girls wanna get high with me alone in my house. So we all take a few hits, and they’re laughing harder than ever. We keep playing for a while, trying out different games, until one of them presses the Wiimote to her nipple as it vibrates. She does a real fake pornstar moan and laughs, but I can see her nipple standing out through the shirt. Right now, my dick is rock hard and almost poking out through my pants

I take the Wiimote and laughing with them say, “Watch” as I put it over my crotch and it vibrates. They think this is hilarious, but I can see that they’ve noticed my boner. One of them takes the Wiimote from me and does than same, except she’s practically jamming the Wiimote into herself through her pants. So here I am, sitting in my basement while these two girls are practically fucking each other with my Wiimotes. I’m thinking, wow, how much better can this get?

Then the one on my right takes off her pants. She’s not laughing, just smiling and saying “This thing is almost as good as what I use at home.” My mouth is hanging open, and the other girl is just laughing and watching. We’re in Tennis mode and she starts rubbing herself, moaning each time the remote vibrates.

Now the other girl takes my Wiimote and does the same, taking off her pants. This time, though, she goes right for it and jams the whole thing in herself. Without even thinking, I’m rubbing myself in my pants, almost ready to come. The first girl looks over at me and says, “What? Are you getting jealous?” With a smile she puts down the Wiimote and leans over, she takes off my jeans and my erection pops out through my boxers. She kneels in front of me, while the other girl starts kissing at my face. I was surprised I hadn’t come already, I guess it was the weed slowing down my physical functions. All I see is her smiling face inching down to my rigid cock mouth agape, the other one is watching too, rubbing herself while she jams her tongue into my open mouth.

I feel her warm, moist mouth envelop my cock. I can tell she’s having trouble getting it all in, but the feeling is amazing. Slowly she works my cock in her mouth, wrapping her tongue around the head, licking it as he work in and out. The other girl pries herself away from my mouth long enough to grab the Wiimote and come up behind the brown haired girl, eagerly sucking away at my penis. She leans over and starts working the Wiimote in and out of her friends vagina, now dripping with fluid. She starts moaning while sucking my cock, imagine this sound, mouth full of my member and moaning loudly. I can feel myself reaching orgasm, I try to tell her, but my mouth won’t move, I’m lost in the heavenly sensation of her tongue and mouth. She pulls off just as I start to come and says, “Mmm, are you almost done? My mouth is getting-” She never finishes, I cum loads into her face, she gasps in surprise and more shoots into her mouth. She laughs and smiles, her friend still working the Wiimote in and out of her pussy, she licks the semen off her face as more spills out into her cleavage. Her friend pauses for a moment, just long enough to come around and lick the jizz of her breasts.

We fooled around for a bit longer after than, and eventually I showed them both how good I was at Wii Sports . . . among other things.